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Our staff

We are fortunate here at Pre-School as we have a stable team of staff members who have a vast experience of childcare knowledge amongst them. We can assure you that each member enjoys their work and finds supporting your child on their journey interesting and a source of pride to see how much they can achieve in their short time with us. Our staff are thoughtful and caring and will always find time to answer any concerns you have no matter how small. They truly believe that each child is an individual and should be given every opportunity to reach their full potential. Our staff also believe in having fun, making mistakes and aren’t afraid of getting mucky alongside the children!!!


Like the children we get bored easily so we are always on the hunt for exciting things to do and learn about. Our staff will push your child to their limits but with support so they can achieve and experiment. It’s not about producing identical generic creations but the process of how and why we got there. As Staff we all have completely different talents strengths and weaknesses but we all believe in offering your child the best time possible.


Jo Lucas - Manager

Although I am the manager and a large part of my role is involved in the administration part of Pre-School the best part of my job is being with the children. I love circle time and the opportunity to listen and talk with the children. Children share their knowledge through chat and I believe that they should be given the time and confidence to experience that. Where else can you share in children’s good news? Where else do you get the opportunity to read stories aloud especially funny ones.   

Jo Davey - Deputy Manager

Not only is Jo handy with a screwdriver and hammer she may possibly have been one of Santa’s little helper’s as given half a chance she will have the children singing Christmas songs. She is a very enthusiastic singer although she definitely sings the right notes but they may not necessarily be in the right order!!! She can tell you exactly how many days or weeks to Christmas. As soon as it is the 1st of December Jo will tinsel and decorate every available surface at Pre- School. I advise all staff not to stand still just in case. 


Annie is our resident in artist. She is very creative and what she cannot make up out of a cardboard box doesn’t bear thinking about. The children love it when her picnic bag comes in because they know that inside that bag is something amazing that has been frozen and they are more than happy to patiently wait and play with the assorted shapes of ice until it melts and the secrets hidden inside are revealed. You would be amazed at what she can fit in her deep freeze!!! We also think Annie might be a frustrated mad scientist as she does enjoy bringing in exciting experiments for the children to try, usually the messier the better. 




We like to think of Hannah as official tester of any new piece of equipment because you are guaranteed to find her trying or playing with it even before the children have had chance to have a turn. We have quite a lot of photographic evidence to prove this as those of you who have seen our noticeboard will testify. We have to limit her turn on the see – saw so the children get a chance. She is very nifty with a hairband and is the go-to person when the children are having problems with their hair and hair accessories. For anyone who has seen Hannah’s exceptionally neat bun you will understand why she could be a hairdresser as a second career.

Rosemary Willmer

Rosemary is a keen gardener and also grows her own fruit and vegetables. She has helped the children plant and grow things here at Pre-School.  Rosemary specialises in both individual and group work to support our key persons with children that need either an extra boost or further challenges in their development. She is highly experienced but also ensures the planned activities are full of fun and are an exciting time for the children. She always makes a report for the parents so they can see what their children have been doing.


Early Years Practitioner.

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