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How we work

Our Pre-School Sessions and Planning

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. It is divided into four areas known as themes – A Unique Child, Positive relationships, Enabling Environments and Learning and Development. Our Pre-school sessions are planned to encourage your child’s learning through play.


There are seven areas of learning and development. Each area is separated into the aspects as follows.

The Prime areas are:

1) Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Making relationships, Self -confidence and self-awareness and Managing feelings and behaviour.

2) Physical Development – Moving and handling and Health and self-care.

3) Communication and Language - Listening and attention, Understanding and Speaking.


The Specific areas are:

4) Literacy – Reading and Writing.

5) Mathematics – Numbers and Shape, space and measure.

6) Understanding the World – People and communities, the world and Technology.
7) Expressive Arts and Design – Exploring and using media and materials and being imaginative.


Our planning originates from a number of sources but mainly child-led interests. Planning around the time of year such as seasons or festivals as well as ensuring coverage in all areas of the curriculum helps to promote developmental needs. Retrospective planning allows us to focus on the child’s interest.


Regular Staff discussion helps to evaluate the sessions and provides a focus for further learning opportunities. Our plans are written to ensure that your child is provided with learning experiences that encourage their development individually. Specific learning intentions are highlighted on our plan as well as in some of the activities and equipment available.


Whilst your child attends our Pre-school, a record of their personal development and achievements will be kept in their Learning Journey which is overseen by your families’ key person. To enable your child to reach their full potential, our Pre-school recognises the important partnership between home and Pre-school. Please share your child’s achievements with us.

The Key person

Our setting uses a key person system whereby a member of our staff is responsible for your child and their developmental progress. You will be introduced to your key person in a separate letter. A key person is there to support your child as an individual during their time at Pre-school as well as to provide care and emotional support.


The key person becomes aware of your child’s interests and plans their development linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage. You will meet with your child’s key person at regular Parent or Carer meetings during which you will get the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and view their work and see photographs taken of them at play.


Your key person will be responsible for completing the statutory Two Year Old Progress check if your child is with us as a two year old for the minimum of one term. This progress check is completed by your key person and you are also asked to comment on the form.


Our Pre-school has a transition policy that encourages the sharing of information with other childcare settings, feeder primary schools and relevant agencies which is helpful to your child’s development. This will always be discussed with you and your feelings and comments sought.

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