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If you would like your child to attend our Pre-school, please get in touch with Jo Lucas at, or using the following address:


Jo Lucas

Southmead Pre-School

Wrafton Road,


North Devon,

EX33 2BU

Southmead Pre-School admits:

• Eligible government funded two-year-olds from the start of the term following their second birthday.

• Early Years Education funded three and four-year-olds from the start of term following their third birthday.

• Non-funded three and four-year-olds from their third birthday.

• Non-funded two-year-olds from their second birthday. 

Admissions Policy

It is not always possible to place all the children requiring sessions at our setting due to the spaces available being oversubscribed. Therefore we have an Admission Policy. This paragraph has been taken from it to help explain decisions made before an offer of a session space is made.


“All funded children will have priority over unfunded children. This includes any 'Two Year Funding' funded 2 year old children.”


If you are awarded 'Two Year Funding' please ensure that you bring in a copy of the letter and golden ticket in order for our Pre-School to register you in the scheme.


We will ensure that funded children have the opportunity to attend our Pre-School first as part of their access to the Early Years Funding Entitlement up to the maximum amount of 15 hours per week.


The minimum amount of funded hours used in a day at our setting is 3 hours which coincides with our minimum session length. The smallest hours with which you can attend is for 6 hours across the week. Once all eligible funded children at the setting and on the waiting list have been placed up to the maximum of 15 hours the next priority is to the unfunded children who currently attend our setting. They will retain their hours and if spaces remain will be offered session spaces up to a total of 15 hours.


Referrals of families sent to us by our partner agencies may have a need for prioritised spaces which we will try to accommodate if space allows.

You can download and view our full admissions policy here:

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